Clinical reesearch
Clinical reesearch
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HU Rsch Day _ Emily Mahaya Yejide Sinead_edited
HU Rsch Day _ Emily Mahaya Yejide Sinead_edited
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Emily Aware for all
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Recruitment Center Services

Leverage from a group with a diverse set of expertise.

We provide clinical trial recruitment services to researchers at Georgetown University, Howard University, MedStar Health and the Washington DC Veterans Affair Medical Center. Our experts range from bioinformaticists to experienced research nurses who provide tailored recommendations on recruitment strategies to employ to reach participants from various communities.

  • Recruitment Consultation (full)

We provide one hour consultation to research teams, which includes experienced clinical research nurses, outreach coordinators, bioinformaticists and research participant advocates , to discuss study specific, value-added recruitment strategies. Recruitment plans are provided after the session. Complete our service request form to schedule a consultation, today!

If you don't know where to start email us to determine your next steps.

  • Community Outreach

We've partnered with GHUCCTS' community engagement experts to provide a range of services to meet the needs of researchers who desire to connect with the community. These services include identifying recruitment opportunities in the community, a recruiter to help meet recruitment goals and establishing connections with internal and/or external partners who can assist with increasing study awareness.

  • Advertisement Support

Effective advertisement can be crucial for meeting recruitment goals. We offer several services to help your team with advertising. These services include:

-Budgeting assistance for advertising that will get you to your goals

-Designing and distributing advertising tools (e.g. flyers, brochures)

-Digital advertising (social media, Craigslist, google ads)

-Website landing page creation (click here to see an example)

-Translations services for recruitment materials

  • Research Match

ResearchMatch is a disease neutral online volunteer recruitment and engagement platform that is hosted by Vanderbilt and is intended to remove barriers to patient participation. This site is specifically designed to serve as an effective, useful, and complementary recruitment tool that will help connect willing volunteers with researchers who are searching for appropriate volunteers to be placed in their research studies.

  • Participant Advisory Board

Community-engaged participant involvement in clinical research means going beyond simple physical involvement in a clinical trial to a true partnership with the community. The PAB provides the following:

-Review of recruitment materials

-Assistance for investigators setting research priorities for their research area

-Recommendations for enhancing research participation among diverse and under-represented communities

  • Bioinformatics

Need help utilizing the electronic medical records at MedStar Health, Howard University or the WDCVAMC for multi-site recruitment? Contact us, we can help!


​​What happens next?


Service Request Form

The study team will submit an official request for service using the Recruitment Center Service Request Form. This form helps us understand the study, previous and current recruitment approaches and how to help.

Recruitment Consultation

We will invite the research team to join a one-hour recruitment consultation which may include bioinformaticists, community engagement experts, and others from Georgetown University, Howard University, MedStar Health Research Institute, and the WDCVAMC. Depending on your study, we may also invite a member of the GHUCCTS Participant Advisory Board. During the meeting, we will provide study-specific recruitment advice.

Recruitment Plan

We will provide you with a Recruitment Plan based on the feedback from the experts on the call.

Review of Recruitment Plan

You (and your team) will review the recruitment plan and let us know which strategies to implement and whether you'd use the recruitment center services.


Based on your feedback, we will help implement the strategies you select.

Complete the form below or email us if you have any questions!

Need investigators or a coordinating center for your multi-centered trials?  Click here to learn more about services available to you, today.

"Very satisfied with the recruitment core." 

- Study Coordinator

DC VA Medical Center

"The staff of GHUCCTS has been extremely helpful. They have demonstrated substantial expertise in the area of participant recruitment and community engagement. They have been especially proactive in assisting the study team with the recruitment needs of the study." 

- Principal Investigator

DC VA Medical Center

"We really appreciate your help with the flyer."

-Study Coordinator

Georgetown University

"The recruitment help has been a HUGE help to this study. The creation of the landing page has sent me many participants wanting to learn more about the study. I have received positive feedback from the landing page from participants as well. From adding the use of Craigslist and Facebook to recruit, the response rate for potential participants has increased from our previous recruitment plans."

-Study Coordinator

Georgetown University

"Recruitment core has been excellent in coordinating different aspects of the recruitment process i.e. design and distribute flyers, create ads for social media, create webpage for study and online surveys. A true help for clinical researchers. Thank you!"

-Principal Investigator

Georgetown University 

Promote your study on @GHUCCTSCommunity. Our team can create targeted ads and boosted post to reach a large audience!