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•Need help developing your multi-site proposal into a protocol?

•Planning to submit a previously reviewed but not funded application?

•Need a coordinating center for your multi-site trial?

•Need a central IRB for your multi-site trial?

•Would you like to consider ways to leverage EHR data from up to 64 CTSA to inform study design and potential site selection ?

•Need sites for your multi-site trial?

The Trial Innovation Network (TIN) is a resource for investigators to request consultations and services for multi-center clinical trials and studies. Some consultations may be selected for further development into clinical protocols that may be implemented in the Trial Innovation Network.

Prior to submitting a Trial Innovation Network (TIN) proposal, study investigators must discuss the proposal with his/her CTSA Program Principal Investigator and the Trial Innovation Network Liaison Team. (tin@georgetown.edu)

What is a TIN proposal?

  • Do you have a multi-centered grant application that didn’t get funded? Do you plan on re-submitting?

  • Do you have a multi-centered funded trial and you’d like to learn more and potentially use TIN services (e.g. identify additional sites, develop recruitment materials that can be used nationally)?

  • If yes, you may have the items necessary to submit a TIN proposal.

Proposals submitted to the TIN receive an initial consultation during which the assigned TIC/RIC and the study investigator meet to consider the proposed study. Topics covered during these meetings may include the underlying scientific premise, the study outcomes, approaches to statistical analyses, and other discrete services. Investigators should identify the top two or three areas of the initial consultation they would like to prioritize. In addition, the Network partner will focus on operational innovation for the study and will leverage the expertise and resources of the CTSA program hubs.

Scientific Review and Confidentiality

The TIN has established Protocol Review Committee (PRC) which can review clinical research protocols submitted to the network, if needed. The PRC will review clinical research protocols submitted to the network to assess the scientific merit of the proposed study, the risk profile and participant safety to promote safe and high-quality scientific research within the network.

All proposals and application materials submitted to the Trial Innovation Network will be kept confidential and not disclosed to anyone except as required by law, or to the extent necessary to evaluate the proposal or provide the requested consultation or services associated with the proposal. Read more here: https://trialinnovationnetwork.org/trial-innovation-network-guidelines-and-instructions-for-submitting-proposals/?key-element=1602

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