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The Insomnia After Trauma Study


Have you experienced a frightening or threatening event and find it difficult to sleep at night?


Howard University is seeking medically healthy volunteers, ages 18-55 years old to participate in a double-blind placebo-controlled study evaluating the effectiveness of the drug suvorexant in treating trauma-related insomnia.


You or a friend may be eligible to participate if:

□       You are between the ages of 18-55

□       Physically healthy

□       Have trouble sleeping

□       Have experienced a trauma 




For Screening and Evaluation:

□       Rating Scales

□       Interview

□       Physical Examination


Possibility of:

□       Overnight sleep recording

□       Being administered a placebo (like a sugar pill) or suvorexant


This study consists of 7 visits at Howard University Hospital Clinical Research Unit

over a course of 8-9 weeks.


For more information about this study, please call 202-865-7287 or email


Compensation for time, effort and transportation will be provided.



Why are we doing this study?

Sleep problems are common among those with exposure to trauma and can contribute to other mental and physical problems. Medications and other treatments aimed at reducing PTSD have not been very effective for helping insomnia. Suvorexant is a drug approved by the FDA for treatment of insomnia but it has not been evaluated for treating insomnia related to trauma. We want to find out what effects (good and bad) suvorexant has trauma-related insomnia.

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