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Do You Have Bladder

Control Issues?

The FAME Trial: 

Functional Assessment and Muscle Evaluation

through Exercise

You may qualify to participate in a 3 month, drug free, personalized enhanced lifestyle physical therapy program to evaluate the success in treating urinary incontinence symptoms if you: 

  • Are a woman 65 years of age or older

  • Have stress, urgency, or mixed bladder issues (urinary incontinence) for 3 months or longer

Procedures may include:

  • Physical and pelvic exam

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

  • Personalized enhanced lifestyle physical therapy 

Study Funded By the National Institute on Aging

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Why are we doing this study?

Urinary incontinence is a common pelvic floor disorder and geriatric syndrome that affects up to 50% of women aged 65 years and older and significantly diminishes quality of life. The treatment for urinary incontinence is tailored individually. Pelvic floor muscle training is considered one of the first-line treatments. However, current treatment strategies for older women are missing critical components that could improve functional status.

This study will help us learn more about how a three-month, drug free, personalized enhanced lifestyle physical therapy program affects urinary incontinence symptoms and mobility limitations and improves your bladder health and muscle strength in your lower body.

What's involved in the study?

Those who enroll in the study will have an initial screening visit during which you will consent to take part in the study, fill out questionnaires, and have your medical history and physical evaluation.


You will complete a 3 day bladder diary at home. Study staff will review your bladder diary to determine if you qualify to participate in the study. If you do qualify, then you will undergo your body strength evaluation and pelvic MRI. 


Study intervention is the 12-week training program where you will either receive one-to-one instructions with a pelvic floor physical therapist on how to perform pelvic floor muscle exercises at home, or in addition to pelvic floor muscle training, have three supervised exercise sessions per week at the Howard University Hospital. After 12 weeks, you will have one final evaluation and undergo the same tests as the initial evaluation.

It will not cost you anything to take part in this study.


Compensation will be provided for participants. 

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